Monday, October 5, 2009

Katrina Dacay II

It was day two of the Katrina photoshoot. We were missing one teammate, Riva wasn't around. It was a very long and tiring day. We went from one location to another, trying to get the feel of the places and one another. The previous photoshoot was centered on just Katrina. Now, it's Katrina and her props. Just Kidding :) This shoot seemed more family oriented than a pre-debut shoot. From the very beginning, some things were already going wrong.

1. We or at least I was very late. Hehehe. I trusted my dad on his timing instinct, but unfortunately, he forgot I had plans for the afternoon.
2. Ultimate lesson of the day: always, ALWAYS check everything. Since my Cebu trip last August, I now always ALWAYS check my memory card slot. This time, I forgot the batteries for my sb600. So we only had 1 flash for the day. :(

Katrina and Tracy: Polka Dots in the park

Katrina and Ara: "twin" shots

Katrina and Don aka The Mafia

Katrina and mom

Head/Fashion shots for Tracy, Katrina, and Don

And once again, last time I placed a photo where a fellow photographer was having fun at work. This time, lemme show you guys a shot of how someone so dedicated in taking photos looks at work. :)


  1. he is very focused, indeed...he is a sight.. no wonder u had fun of him! hahahaha

  2. your shots looked great! i loved it!