Friday, September 25, 2009

Katrina Dacay

Here's to my first ever professional shoot. Ricco Torres, our resident professional photographer was at our midst, so we need not worry for this one. Here are a few of my favorite shots from my camera.

It was a long day down at the Dacay residence. This shoot was necessary for Katrina is a soon to be debutante. There were a lot of costumes planned for the day, and venues to take photos of.

It was a tough first few shots. The place was too grand, the dress was too stiff, we haven't even bonded with the model yet. It was tough, but we had to get it done, and we had to have it done right. Here are a few of the shots I took with the formal dress. We ambushed the first floor for this. The living room, the dining room, and of course, the grand stairs.

Up next were the glam shots. Photographers and model alike started to loosen up at this point. The glam shots were just glamorous, and of course, having a Jag right in front of you was to die for. It helps to have shiny objects in your reach. :)

Third theme in mind for the day, was a Blair Waldorf inspired, young, colorful, chic look. We first invaded the kitchen, where we had loads of fun with the colorful swirly lollipop, with the old, formal themed dining room, and a little more in the living room.

Last but not the least for the day, we definitely had loads of fun lying around in her pretty in pink bedroom.

It was all loads of fun, tiring at the same time, and we were really pressured to deliver the best. I love the Dacay family, Ara just has too much faith in me, it's scary. I hope I don't disappoint, and I'll be back next Sunday with Ricco for a few more scenes we weren't able to accomplish just yet. :)

And finally, photographers really know how to have fun and be silly even during "work". Presenting, my bug eyed fellow photographer. ;)

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