Sunday, August 8, 2010


Lunch out with Jen and Kab :)

House Salad. I'm not a big fan of too many greens, and this wasn't an exception.

Soup of the day. Creamy soup with Chorizo bits. Yum!

My dish: Grilled Seabass with Tomato Risotto

Kab and Jen's dish: Seafood Risotto with Aligue

My Dessert: Chocolate Souffle

Jen's Dessert: Assorted Sorbet--Watermelon, Apple, and Calamansi

Kab's Dessert: Poached Pear
Ultimate adventure trip.
Meeting up at Starbucks Tagaytay
Getting stuck in traffic because of a bike marathon.
Going through an unknown detour, and having gravel splashed inside the car.
Kab's missing Bone Marrow :(
Getting lost in the South.
Using Google Maps on the iPhone to navigate FTW!

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