Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bicol Express

As my family and I visited Bicol a few weeks after the expected eruption of the famous Mayon Volcano...

Mayon Volcano on a regular day in Bicol. Cloudy on the top.

On lucky rare occasions, the volcano shows it's perfect cone shape.

Here's the family, enjoying the good fortune of seeing the volcano in all its magnificence.

A few kilometers away from Legazpi City, is Misibis Bay. A beach resort with full accommodations such as jet ski, ATV, vast swimming pool, playpens for the kids, villas and cabanas along the beach side.

Beach side benches along Misibis Bay.

For the perfect photo-op experience in Legazpi, go to the Cagsawa Ruins, give your camera to the kids, give them a few p50's, and just follow their command.


  1. "Give the camera to the kids"? How old are the kids and are they safe to leave the camera with?

  2. Glenn, umm around 11-15 I think? Pretty safe, a lot of people have done it already. It's actually already their livelihood :)